Keeping Your Youthful Look With 2 Simple Steps

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You have to start preventive measures as early as possible. There is no way to get rid of deep wrinkles without having surgeries done, so, you need to prevent them from forming.

There are two key things in the battle with premature aging.

First thing to know – direct sunlight is an enemy.

The biggest contributor to aging is the Sun. It affects human skin negatively, damaging it and in some cases even causing skin cancer. That is why parts of the body that have been exposed to sunlight the most appear a lot older than those that were covered by clothes.

It is absolutely essential to be using sunscreen in order to prevent sun damage and photo-aging.

SPF 50 is your best friend – anything above that number is a marketing trick, SPF 100 is not going to be more effective, contrary to popular belief.

Make sun protection a part of your daily routine – your skin will definitely thank you for that in the future.

The second key – topical retinoids.

Initially considered a treatment for acne, retinoids later were found out to be an amazing tool in anti-aging.

Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A. They speed up the cell turnover process making the skin look fresh, glowy and youthful. Retinoids stimulate production of collagen which is crucial for the skin to look plump.

Tretinoin is the most widely known retinoid for anti-aging. There’s also isotretinoin which is more commonly used in oral medication, but it does exist in topical form as well though it’s harder to come by. Adapalene is another ingredient to look for; it’s worth mentioning that adapalene hadn’t been clinically tested enough for anti-aging in particular but some people claim it works for them. Same goes for tazarotene as far as I know.

How to apply correctly

First thing you need to remember is the fact that you don’t need a lot. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to retinoids. Pea sized amount would be more than enough for your entire face – retinoids tend to “travel” on your skin, that’s why it is usually recommended to stay even farther away from the area around your eyes and lips than you normally would with other active ingredients. I know it’s tempting to apply more but it is really not needed.

Retinoids are, as any derivative of Vitamin A, oil-soluble. This means that they don’t like interacting with water, so, you have to apply your treatment on dry skin. There is a risk of major irritation otherwise. I personally prefer waiting at least 15 minutes after I wash my face.

Always use sunscreen. Retinoids speed up cell turnover thus making your skin more sensitive to sunlight. For the same reason it’s the best if you use the treatment at night time only.

Never use anything else alongside retinoids. They’re pretty aggressive on their own and it’s not a good idea to add things to the mixture. The only exception in my opinion is moisturizer, a very plain one.

Additional tips


This is absolutely essential for keeping your skin fresh and youthful. Moisturizer should do just that – moisturize. It won’t straighten out your wrinkles, no matter what the company claims on the package.

Drink enough water.

Yeah, blah-blah-blah, it is being said everywhere and by everyone and their mother. But I think that a thing of such importance can’t be said too many times. Up to 60% of our bodies is made of water so, you really need to make sure you’re drinking enough. And NO, tea and especially coffee don’t count!

Try your best to stay out of direct sunlight.

Even if you use sunscreen religiously it’s not a good idea to sunbathe since nothing will provide 100% protection. Wear a cute hat on a sunny day!

Silk pillow cases.

Some people recommend changing your pillow cases to silk/satin which apparently doesn’t smoosh your face as much as other fabrics do while you’re sleeping. I didn’t try this yet but thought it is worth mentioning. Other bed related thing is sleeping on your back which could prevent wrinkling your face at night altogether. It is great for your spine also, so, it’s a win-win.

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