9 foolproof tips on writing a great blog post

Create your Web Presence

We live in an era of online-everything.

Everyone and their mother are on social media, watching videos, searching for practically all things possible on Google. Movies are online, music is online, even workplaces are online.

One of my favorite things that you can do online is obviously blogging.

And if you first starting at this endeavor you might think of the ways to go about it. What to write about and how exactly? Today I want to answer that.

Writing tips

A good idea always comes first.

See, I could write an entire book about cat collars but who in their right mind would read that? Write about things people will actually want to know, it has to be a win-win situation for you and your audience.

Write down list of all of your ideas and constantly add on to it. Then go back to your list after some time and get rid of topics you don’t like anymore or the ones you don’t think you could write about.

You have to choose very carefully because forcing yourself to write about stuff you have no interest in isn’t great and it takes all the fun away.

Do your research.

Nobody knows every single thing. Got an idea? Read up on it, double check what you already know and find new info. Be thorough and diligent, your posts are the face of your blog, the first impression.

Make sure all the facts are correct and won’t mislead anybody.

Think of your reader instead of yourself.

When somebody reads your post, they tend to not care about you, they want to get something useful for themselves. So, take that into consideration and pump out information that could be potentially helpful to other people instead of focusing on you.

Think of it that way – if you wouldn’t know what you know, what kind of an article you would want to read to figure stuff out? Probably not the one where the author was talking about themselves.

Be the provider. Put your personality in there though, use yourself for examples, bad ones and good ones, being relatable is always a nice thing when it comes to blogging.


It’s necessary to make your article easy to read. Split your text into paragraphs as much as possible but don’t overdo it – there’s no need to put every sentence on a new line. Re-read what you’ve already written time after time to make sure it’s understandable and makes sense.


Be short and sweet but elaborate enough to get the point across. People usually don’t like to read a shit ton of extra text especially when searching for something particular.

I personally like starting with writing down bullet points and then elaborating on each one. Intro and outro are a good idea as well but I think you can do without them too.

Search engine optimization.

I won’t go deep into this stuff, SEO is a complex thing to describe, but an incredibly important one. I would suggest reading a book, watching some YouTube tutorials or even taking a course on this one.

Don’t post it right away.

Let it sit in drafts and marinate for a few days. Then, come back to it and look through with a fresh eye – you’ll see flaws which weren’t obvious right away. Maybe you’ll even decide to scratch the idea completely for it not being too great. Happened to me so many times!

Work on multiple things at once.

Write a little bit on a certain topic and then write a little bit of something else. That way you won’t overwork your brain. Forcing yourself to write just one article to the point where it’s finished is not going to do you any good. Sometimes, yes, inspiration helps you complete an article in one sitting but it won’t happen every time.

Sprinkle some pictures in

Plain text is pretty boring for the most part. Nice visuals are a great addition to almost every article and are absolutely worth having in your post.

If you’re good at photography, take your own pics. Otherwise you can take some from photo stocks; there are plenty of those, paid and free.

Blogging is a true blessing; you can write about what you love on your own terms. Anytime, anywhere. It’s not rocket science, but still is gonna take some time to figure out. Once you do, it’s the best!