7 tips for waking up early easily

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Becoming a morning person is pretty easy if you really ready to commit to it. 

Go to bed earlier at night.

Quite an obvious one, isn’t it? An average adult needs 7-8 hours of rest at night, so you need to make sure to fall asleep early enough to have those hours. At first it’s not easy especially if you’re used to going to bed super late, but it gets better, I promise.

Have something to look forward to

 – some activity or next episode of your favorite show. This will very likely make you excited about waking up. I like to think my breakfast for the next day through in detail, so I fly out of my bed in the morning to eat (Haha, I looove food).

Take a walk before going to bed.

A sip of fresh air relaxes you and helps to have better sleep. It is also a great opportunity to think about stuff that would otherwise be in your head while you trying to fall asleep. If you can’t go outside for some reason, try reading a book or listening to calming music. Stay away from social media and TV though, those things one hundred percent won’t help your relaxation.

When you wake up, get up.

I mean it. No checking your phone, no snoozing, no lying in bed for “just five minutes”. Get up, take few deep breaths and shower and you’re ready for the day. The more you lie in bed after you wake up, the less you’re going to want to actually lift your body from it. Been there, done that. In regard to this, it’s probably a good idea to put your alarm somewhere away from the bed, so you’re forced to walk away from comfy blanket to turn it off.

Make sure your sleeping environment is comfortable

 – humidity, temperature, pillows, mattress, blanket – all of this matters. If the room is too hot or the pillow is too firm for you, you’re not going to have a good rest, therefore it won’t be easy to get up in the morning. For example, if air is too dry, I wake up feeling absolutely exhausted, so during winter I have to either hang wet towel in the room or use my trusty humidifier, which makes my life so much easier.

Have a glass of water near your bed 

– hydration in the morning is the key to feeling good! Though I prefer having a bottle, not a glass, because I don’t like the idea of dust getting in my water overnight. Besides, my cats are cheeky and love drinking from my cup instead of their own 🙂

Don’t use annoying tune for your alarm.

Morning is not a piece of cake as it is, why make it even worse? Bad choice of an alarm sound will make you hate everything, just use a nice one, don’t torture yourself, please 🙂 

Try out these tips and comment about your results! xo

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